What does it all mean and is it important?

Your brand is your outward facing projection of your service, business and ultimately your stamp as to how you want others to perceive you.  The brand is not simply a logo but a complete package which may include print collateral like business cards and letter heads, digital look and feel for social media and websites and possibly merchandise such as Jackets, signwriting for vehicles etc.

Animation is basically moving images and is perhaps less that of cartoons.  Animation is used for videos which explain often complex subjects in way which is easy to understand.  It is defined as being a specific art form which focuses more on cinematic effects and storytelling techniques to craft a narrative  while motion graphics is more that of bringing the likes of graphs, info-graphics and webdesign to life.

Design is the foundation on which all creative is based on.  Design is what brings all the ingredients together to create the final product and is fundamentally the creative process. Design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration.

The relationship is the the most critical part of the entire picture.  A great relationship is developed through understanding, transparency, and communication.  There needs to be a high degree of trust and honesty in any professional relationship to create a positive and long lasting experience.

Experience cannot be bought and there are no shortcuts other than hard work.  Browns Collective is the result of 20 plus years in the industry backed by a reputation which has been sought after by international market players such as BBC, CNN and Rockstar Games to name a few.  Experience allows quick assessment of a scenario with solutions based on available resources and delivery.  Read more in the blog section coming soon.

The colour Palette plays a critical part in any design or branding exercise.  All colours have a associated mood/personality/association with libraries of research backing the use and psychology / methodology behind the application.  In it’s most simplistic form Red can represent love, hate, aggression, anger, dominance, blood and fear.  This is why it is important to have an in depth conversation with regards to context and how you would like to be represented.

3D allows you to engage depth and an alternative perspective to your design.  This method can be used for prototyping or creating models which allow you to explain subject matter which may be too difficult to film or allows you to create a cross section or exploded diagram for better understanding and illustration.

Know your audience and demographic.  This is critical to any part of the creative process.  To be able to target and reach out to your audience you need to understand drivers and motivators. Considerations may include, age, gender, ethnicity, financial positioning, geography etc.  It is important to understand who you are trying to target and create a focused solution.

The most neglected part of any relationship is the comms part.  Be deliberate, transparent and clear about your approach, methodology, delivery and intent.  No one likes surprises and it’s important to review and feedback often to allow for engagement and a sense of ownership throughout a project.

Illustration is often used for print as a static image or on digital platforms.  Illustration is usually a commissioned one off with a specific brief which needs to be clarified and approved from the onset.  Illustrations can appear as posters, cartoons, campaigns and often merchandising such as T-Shirts and placement products.

Often given less thought than it deserves typography and font selection is an important part of your brand and really helps to inform your brand to give it that final bit of polish. There is often some confusion when considering type and fonts.  A typeface is the collective name of a family of related fonts (such as Times New Roman), while fonts refer to the weights, widths, and styles that constitute a typeface (such as Times New Roman Regular, Italic, Bold, etc.)  A designer who understands typography and its application will set your brand apart from the cereal box creatives.

Social media is a major player in getting reach and engagement for little expense.  You can get almost immediate feedback from the comments made through your audience and shares and it is a good way to target a demographic or specific audience.  Social media it a delivery mechanism which allows your content to be snackable however it makes it even more important for you to find a way to achieve cut through with a platform which is saturated with advertising and marketing.  This is where Browns Collective gives you that creative edge.