• James’ leadership style is intense, but also very caring. He has a way of delivering difficult feedback that allows him to retain good relations with those who work for him or with him. He is incredibly conscientious and thinks a great deal about what he does, which makes him an effective leader and contributor. I could safely leave any project to James, such as studio rebuilds or show redesigns, and know that a first class product would be delivered without intervention or follow up. On top of these qualities, James is a first-rate designer and artist himself, part of what allowed him to get such great output from his team. I would hire James again in a second.

    Hal Crawford

    News director, media strategist, commentator

  • He is a legit, genuine good guy. He is multi-talented and super creative. His work was world class and very high quality. He is easy going, good to work with and a master of his craft. I would recommend him for any creative project that requires a touch of extra genius!

    Vince Edwards

    Business Tech Advisor / Developer / Community builder

  • ”It was a breeze working with James. Very smooth communication and excellent job delivered as described. There was no need for revisions. Highly recommended pro. Thank you, James!” #needed #freelancer #nz #nzbusiness